We are making 2 different types of Lamb so hold onto your seats. We are about to turn up quite literally.


My loves! When was the last time you unplugged? I unplugged for the first time in a long time this past weekend. Maybe 16 hours with no touch of the universe and what was happening. I’m sorry if we had plans and you are reading this. I just needed some time off. So that being said I took this time to put together a list of things I do to decompress. I would love to hear what you guys do. This post will kind of serve like a Feb Favorites but yeah these are things that really help me find my center.

One would definitely

Sushi; Did you guys know that Chandarana has a sushi bar? The one at ad life plaza has the most amazing sushi bar, I was super skeptical. Supermarket sushi? Well the thing I love most is that they make it fresh for you, you walk into the tore and after 5 minutes you are done and you have your meal. They have 7 different types including a vegetarian option which I tried and I wasn’t impressed with. However the rest of their rolls particularly their spicy salmon roll is my favorite.

IMG_6608The reason I like sushi so much is because I never have that “fast food feeling” The constant loathing that comes after you eat some fried chicken or a whole box of pizza. A pack goes for 750 which isn’t too bad, paying for convenience of passing by the super market in your jammies and picking up some comfort food.


Feel goo movies: I am not crazy about watching series , I think they take too much time and maybe I don’t have the patience lol. So I have two of my favorites from this past month that really captivated me. One was Collateral beauty, to avoid spoiling the movie, Will Smith acts in this riveting film where he is on the journey to accepting a loss. I feel like we have all been in a situation where we had to accept that a chapter in our lives has closed and this was just a beautiful journey to go on. My main take away from that film is in life we treasure three things, we all need love, we all need more time and we all fear death. It was absolutely beautiful. The second movie I watched which happened to be the weirdest film ever! Swiss Army Man, well Daniel Radcliffe does some really strange film. This was by far the strangest thing I have watched this year guys!You have no idea! Please check it out, I think the main take away from that film is “don’t run away from home?” lol I also think it was about mental health but maybe I need to read more about it. Thirdly Moonlight, I actually watched it right before they got their award! My goodness, I a still so upset . I think I enjoy the cliche ending, that’s why I watch movies. There is a conclusion to the madness, the tale of love and self discovery was so so good! IMG_6667



TEA TIME! I am obsessed with twinning chamomile and spearmint tea. Sometimes my mind wont shut down. This is currently one of my favorite teas that I have been enjoying so far. It’s always such a treat after a long day of work when you are too tired to cook or even throw something in the micro wave (all my agency peeps I know you feel me) IMG_6671 My Succulent I finally got a child. Her name is Penelope lol please don’t ask questions. I think it’s nice to know that you have not fucked up at least one thing. With the whole idea behind succulents , they need water once a week, they bring such positive vibes into your house which is always such great thing because who doesn’t need good vibes. What I love about them is that they need such little sun light and you need to water them once a week. IMG_6295 Well, this was a short list of the things I rely on when I decompress. What do you guys use? What have you guys been loving so far? I would love to know in the comment section below.

I love you guys so much.

Live, love and stay posh fam.



I love taking you guys on my weekend adventures.

Hey guys!



Jazz fest is coming up.


How are you sexy humans? Today we make a delicious chicken curry that is absolutely to die for!


Yo guys! How are we?

2017 Restaurant week has officially started and I have been love it!


What’s good posh people! OK someone explain to me why it’s so damn hot!


Posh people of the internet!

Shout out to all my fish lovers! I have a bomb hassle free recipe for you guys today.


Hey guys,

This year is all about new experiences and enjoying more of where I am in life. We went to Karura with a couple of my mates and it was such a great time.


Ola amigos!

I have been dying to get a pair of Chelsea boots and I finally did!


Shout out to all my posh humans. Week one of 2017 is done. Let’s chat.


Is it just me or is it really hard to buy gifts for people from the store.


Making : Next Weeks orders for Posh by Jay. Cooking : Made a bomb ass cheese omelette for breakfast. Drinking : coffee…lots and lots of coffee Reading: Does it count if I am listening to a book? If it does Year of Yes by Shonda Wanting: to watch Moana again! I flipping loved it. Looking: forward to Christmas break. Playing: Sema Ngwe by Fena on repeat. Deciding: What to get my best friends for Christmas. Wishing: For a better year in 2017. Enjoying: Coming into my own. Waiting: For my soul mate to jet into the country. Liking: The new prices at Mr Price lol Wondering: When I will get the perfect pair of ripped jeans, point me in the right direction guys. Loving: The fact that we have made it this far in such a crazy year. I am grateful. Pondering: On how I can be more active in 2017. Considering: Painting my house Watching: How to get away with murder, it’s a bit exhausting. Shonda needs to calm the fuck down. Hoping:  To get bigger brand deals in 2017. Listening: To To Misch Marveling: At the amazing content YouTubers are making. What content are you guys into on YouTube? I’d like to discover some new stuff. Needing: Some more green tea for my collection. Smelling: Channel. Wearing: My favorite pair of ripped jeans ( Only pair) Following: @GiarroGiratana he is currently one of my favorite content creators. I love how he has no fucks to give. Noticing: The new Instagram alogarithim. I don’t like it as much. Knowing: That I am enough. Is enough. Thinking: About the future. I want to travel a lot in the coming year.

Sorting:Through lots of blogs. I need to change it up a bit. I need inspiration.

Taking stock-Jaytakeapic-kenyan lifestyle blogger-kenyan brand-african male bloggers-fashion bloggers-food blogger-Purdy arms

Buying: Chelsea boots. #Obsessed. Getting: Broke thinking about all the December plans. Bookmarking: Shameless Maya, she has such insightful Tech Talk information that would be helpful to many aspiring content creators. Disliking: All the violence going on right now. Opening: A pension scheme, I know I sound old but guys , it really does start now. Feeling: All sorts of buzzed from this coffee. Crushing on: All of you gorgeous humans in my Posh by Jay t-shirts Wishing: You all a safe holiday season. Obsessed: With Pizza from Purdy Arms.

Little shout out to myself , order your Posh by Jay t-shirts fam.

Taking stock-Jaytakeapic-kenyan lifestyle blogger-kenyan brand-african male bloggers-fashion bloggers-Kenyan brands

They will keep you posh lol

Love you guys.





So I finally made something other than chicken and boy was it good!

Hey fam!

So this time of year, it’s all about those hearty meals and I love myself a good comfort meal to get me in the festive mood. Am I the only one who spends up to an hour just walking around in a supermarket thinking of interesting ways to have dinner? Well this particular day I went into the mall and I knew I wanted some fish. If you are new around here then you know that fish really defeats me, like I just never know what to do with it. I was determined to make something that I would be proud of.

So once I got me some fish I now had to start thinking about what else I needed to go with it, did I want a curry? Did I want some deep fried fish? Some fish tacos? I had no idea but just the sight of all the Christmas lights and the festivities I knew I wanted something hearty and definitely spicy. Given that I spend hours in he supermarket, I get to see some new stuff that I haven’t tried before and just give it a go.

I found this absolutely delicious peeled tomatoes, because I wasn’t in the mood to start blending my tomatoes and also who knew they had such interesting mixes, I can’t wait to try something new. I am actually going to do my months shopping this week. So you guys best get excited about some delicious recipes for the festive season. Something for you and your family can enjoy, actually if you guys want me to try something out , just drop me a comment I would love to try it out.

How to make a brazilian fish stew-jaytakeapic-food blogger-recipe post-kenyan food blogger-fish meal

So the essence of every stew is a great tomato base, I loved the fact that this tomato sauce had loads of chilies it gave the stew such a nice heat. You guys just need to grab a can when you drop into the super market. So let me get on with this recipe , you guys just have to give it a go it was everything.

How to make a brazilian fish stew-jaytakeapic-food blogger-recipe post-kenyan food blogger-fish meal

What do you need?

1 Kg of Fish Fillet

1 can of Peeled tomatoes

1 white onion

1 tbsn of paprika , garlic powder

Salt and pepper to taste

Coconut oil

1/2 a glass of white wine

How to make a brazilian fish stew-jaytakeapic-food blogger-recipe post-kenyan food blogger-fish meal How to make a brazilian fish stew-jaytakeapic-food blogger-recipe post-kenyan food blogger-fish meal

Hi Jayson Looking at the LPO your cost seems to be correct and is including agency commission before VAT.  1,639,818.82 + 295,167.39 = 1,934,986.21  (LPO amount is 1,935,016) + VAT


How to make a brazilian fish stew-jaytakeapic-food blogger-recipe post-kenyan food blogger-fish meal


How to make a brazilian fish stew-jaytakeapic-food blogger-recipe post-kenyan food blogger-fish meal How to make a brazilian fish stew-jaytakeapic-food blogger-recipe post-kenyan food blogger-fish meal

How will you do it?

Saute one onion until translucent

Add in the spices until they cook out.

Add in the tomatoes and let them simmer ten minutes.

Throw in a table spoon of parsley and mix it up.

Throw in your marinated fish( I used pepper flakes, rice wine vinegar, salt and pepper for 30 minutes)

Throw in 1/2 a glass of wine.

Given that fish takes such a short time your meal should be ready in 15 minutes on low heat.

There you go, serve it on some coconut rice and enjoy.

Hope you guys enjoyed this recipe, I loved making this dish. Looking forward to hearing all the recipes you guys would like to see me try for the festive season.

How to make a brazilian fish stew-jaytakeapic-food blogger-recipe post-kenyan food blogger-fish meal

Love you guys,

Live, love and be posh.



Ola my good people.

I think I am getting to the point of the year where my brain is slowly getting overwhelmed but if you are anything like me, we just need to push it just a bit more. A little more effort to get as much out of the year , it’s been a shitty year but a great year for fashion. I got my first pair of ripped jeans this year and dungarees are back. I have never been more excited about a trend coming back. I am currently looking for the perfect pair. If anyone has any leads on where I can get a great pair @jaytakeapi on Instagram and on Twitter holla at your boy I am dying for one.

That being said , I have always been a big fan of a nice looking tee , one that fits well , a great print I have been falig in love with neutral colors but I never have a problem venturing out into new colors. Like mustard that have given my wardrobe some crazy excitement lol.

Jaytakeapic-kenyan lifestyle blogger-fashion blogger-Adidas -Mr Price-Kenyan fashion

So I started my own venture, I have always loved minimal prints so I got this amazing Posh tee that created quite the buzz. A couple of you guys reached out and said that you wanted one. At first I just pushed the thought aside so then I decided to work on my brand, all about that minimal goodness, Posh by Jay. I started this as a limited edition for my Jaytakeapic fam. My Posh people! We deserve to look posh together right?

Jaytakeapic-kenyan lifestyle blogger-fashion blogger-Adidas -Mr Price-Kenyan fashion

Jaytakeapic-kenyan lifestyle blogger-fashion blogger-Adidas -Mr Price-Kenyan fashion

So I paired it with these beautiful turquoise pants, that I got from Mr Price and this gorgeous over sized sweater that I got from my friends store. Your London Belle is a thrift store that gets you these amazing pieces that are super unique and boy do they make you look good. I will link her at the bottom of the blog post she will hook you up for sure.  Another amazing addition to my closet are these gorgeous Adidas trainers. I keep saying how lucky I am , my good friend and sneaker head @Avatica gifted them to me and I love love love them!!!!

Jaytakeapic-kenyan lifestyle blogger-fashion blogger-Adidas -Mr Price-Kenyan fashion

So as I said my store is open and ready for your orders, reach out to me. I would love to hear your thoughts on my brand and what you guys think. Be positive guys, I am all about your good vibes. Reach out to me on @jaytakeapic for all your orders I will give you more information when you do reach out.

Jaytakeapic-kenyan lifestyle blogger-fashion blogger-Adidas -Mr Price-Kenyan fashion


Thank you for your overwhelming support, I love you guys so much!

As always,

I love you guys,

Live , love and stay #POSH



I stayed away from meat for 15 days then Burger King happened!