Ola amigos,

I haven’t taken stock in a while so I decided to take stock as I show you guys one of my latest additions to my closet. As always whenever Akisa of Wangari Mathenge gives me a call I know she is about to dress me up in something absolutely gorgeous. When I was going to Diani she called me up and told me she had a couple of pieces that I needed to see. I have been loving flowing fabrics that are airy and have gorgeous patterns. You dress up without having to make too of an effort.

Kimonos are slowly becoming a must have in closet. Just because they can be a great pick up on a long ass day. I have thing thing now where if I wake up feeling crappy I will dress to the nines , wear a piece that makes me feel both confident and fashionable. At some point in the day you end up feeling great and you can conquer the day. Do you guys do this as well?

How to dress a kimono-mens fashion blogger-jaytakeapic-fashion blogger-Taking stock

Making: Plans for the weekend. Who will be going for the Food and Art festival this weekend? Cooking: Some chicken as always. Ok guys I need a month without chicken lol I need to make something else. Drinking: Ginger tea, I can feel myself getting sick so this usually helps. Reading: Nothing at the moment. I have however been listening to a lot of Podcasts. Looking: forward to meeting my little niece Playing:With a lot of apps, i’d like to be sharing new aps with you guys. Are there any apps you guys are obsessed with right now? Wasting: A lot of time looking at holidays online. Maybe I need to get some work done before going on another one. Wishing: FOR A VACATION. Enjoying: Random music on Sound cloud. Waiting: For next weekend to attend the Jack Daniels event.Have you guys gotten your tickets? Buy them here Liking: The weather of late.

How to dress a kimono-mens fashion blogger-jaytakeapic-fashion blogger-Taking stock Wondering: How October is already done. Loving: How wedding season is in full swing! Hoping: For more faith Marveling: At Jacaranda season. Nairobi is gorgeous Needing: Some sushi in my life.

3 4 Smelling: Coconut oil. Love the smell. Wearing: Sweats , nothing beats comfort! Following: Timtothewild his instagram feed is supreme! Noticing: My bank account doesn’t like my lfestyle lol. Knowing: That I need a shave. Thinking: About my financial plan for 2017 Feeling: Tired

How to dress a kimono-mens fashion blogger-jaytakeapic-fashion blogger-Taking stock Bookmarking: winter coats Opening: a bottle of ginger ale over lunch with a friend Feeling: peaceful

Outfit details:

Kimono: Wangari Mathenge

Tshirt: Thrift

Short: Mr Price

As always,

Love you guys,

Live love and be inspired.





When I got my invite for a wedding in Diani, I had no idea what to do so I searched until I found the perfect outfit.


So I have a couple of posts coming up that you guys will absolutely love!


FAM! Did you guys know Pizza Fest is back? For a week you buy pizza and they give you a free pizza.



Team Take A Pic! lol is that a thing ? Can we make it a thing? Ok no lol. Ok we have eaten so much white meat this month but it’s so hard to say no to yummy meat, and obviously we are having some more today. I am always looking for ways to enjoy my dinner. That being said , my family isn’t about that life lol they enjoy their chips and chicken.

So to have that balance , I decided to make a delicious guacamole that we could all enjoy. I think the most important thing about making any salad or side dish is to build on flavors. This is a process that many people who do not do this. I think it’s important to give every bite as much flavor as you can.

So for my onions , I bathe them in rice wine vinegar. It removes the bitterness while adding such good flavor to the dish, I then salt the mix my tomatoes with some delicious chili flakes for that necessary heat that every guacamole bowl should always have. I tend to pick avocados that are almost ripe, this gives you control because you can decide just how mushy you want the side dish to be, my mother loves it when its almost a puree but I love it when there is a bit of bite to it. That rough texture makes you feel like you aren’t swallowing baby food lol.

To tie this whole dish together I threw a lemon in the microwave after poking it with several holes so it can remove the juice. After 15 seconds the juices in your lemon will be flowing and you won’t have a hard time. I would urge you to add in salt as you go along, keep tasting so you don’t have a bland dish.

How to make guacamole-grilled chicken-Yo Foods-Kenyan blogger-Lifestyle blogger

Super ingredients , how delicious.

Another interesting thing to note is, balance the flavors with the main dish, if you are having it with nachos add in more Mexican spices like smoked paprika and chili. I had my guacamole with Mediterranean marinated chicken from Yo Foods. So I mixed in herbs like basil, oregano, parsley all dried. These matched and enhanced the flavors so well. I loved how quick it was for me to prepare that fresh and healthy dinner.  Finding a brand that marinates chicken for you ahead of time for you know those days! They have spicy, pili pili and barbecue marinades as well as the one I have here. I literally put on the grill pan and we were good to go. An interesting point, I sprinkled such a small amount of salt.

How to make guacamole-grilled chicken-Yo Foods-Kenyan blogger-Lifestyle blogger

Don’t forget to build on the flavors.

What do you need? 

2 Avocados

1 red onion

1 tomato

2 lemons

1 tablespoon of chili flakes

Pinch of basil, oregano, parsley

Salt & Pepper to taste.

1/4 cup of rice wine vinegar

How to make guacamole-grilled chicken-Yo Foods-Kenyan blogger-Lifestyle blogger How to make guacamole-grilled chicken-Yo Foods-Kenyan blogger-Lifestyle blogger How to make guacamole-grilled chicken-Yo Foods-Kenyan blogger-Lifestyle blogger

How do you do it.

Soak the onions ( cut into small cubes of course)

Mix the cubed tomatoes with the red pepper flakes.

Cube up the avocado

Mix in the dry herbs

Mix it all up while adding in the lemon juice.


How to make guacamole-grilled chicken-Yo Foods-Kenyan blogger-Lifestyle blogger

I hope you guys try out this really easy dinner hack. Healthy, and super flavorful! If you are wondering where you can get a pack of the marinated Yo dishes, you can get it from Nakumatt or Chandarana food plus or you can give them a call and they deliver straight to your home. Follow them on social media is you need to keep up with their amazing offers. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

How to make guacamole-grilled chicken-Yo Foods-Kenyan blogger-Lifestyle blogger

How yummy right?

Hope you guys give it a try.

I love you guys,

Thanks for stopping by,



Taking Stock FIVE!

Hey guys,

Are we all tired of this bi polar weather? I can do with some sun and heat! I took stock on today’s post.

Making: A grilled cheese for dinner tonight. I lack energy to cook. Drinking: Coffee , my day started so early and I need life. Reading: On food plating and props when you are shooting. Wanting: A green smoothie from Art Cafe , that weekend debauchery was a bit too heavy. Looking: Forward to watching Me before you. I heard it’s amazing. Playing: I have been listening to Acoustic Soul by India Arie. Still one of my favorite albums to date. Wasting: Lot’s of time looking online for vacations when I should just get my ticket. Wishing: I would be stronger, I really need a break from my emotions lol. Enjoying: Modern family, Cam and Mitch give me so much life!

Waiting: For my girls wedding this October, maybe I will do a summer wedding look book? Who is up for a holiday vlog?


Liking: Ben Brown’s Arctic vlogs on his channel. That cinematography comes unmatched. Incase you haven’t checkend it out please do.

Wondering: When I’ll shed off this baby weight lol , I am tired of eating lettuce my goodness.

Loving: The fact that I can actually wear ripped jeans for the first time without my flesh pouring out of them like hot lava.

Hoping: I can keep up one video a week on my YouTube channel, it feels good to be back. Marveling: The good work most YouTubers in Kenya are doing. I think Kenyans are hitting the mark when it comes to content creation. Needing: A pair of Chelsea boots and gladiator sandals. Wearing: Ripped jeans DUH! Following: Siyabonga Beyile, he is an amazing fashion entrepreneur from South Africa. He is 21 and he is top 30 under 30 I am following his work and I am simply amazed. Any You Tubers or Instagramers you guys can be able to share with me?

siya-beyile-Jaytakeapic-taking stock Noticing: Tinder is just a space for PERVS! Knowing: That as always , it’s all going to be ok. Thinking: About how this December I can’t have a mediocre New Years. I spent my last one in Hidden Agenda , at the stroke of midnight the bartender asked me to pay for my Guarana lol. It was quite unremarkable. Feeling: Optimistic. Bookmarking: A lot of Ted Talks. I will be sharing my favorite ones in a post real soon. Opening: A new savings account for the holidays, do you guys have one? Feeling: Ready for love and some god affection.

As always ,

I love you guys.

Live, love and be Inspired.



I have two weddings coming up which means one thing SALADS!


Get it, Cardashian because I’m in a cardigan? Oh never mind!


I had a posh picnic with my girls and boy did they love it!


Someone asked me if I was going to do a full outfit post for my birthday and yes! I was looking posh I had to share!


I turned 27! It was absolutely POSH!


Everybody freak out! Hugh Masekela is coming to town!


Every once in a while I take off my chucks and put on a pair of dress shoes.


14 day’s to my 27th birthday.


Every creatives worst nightmare is a mental block. I had the worst block in the world so I am sorry I kept quiet for so long.


Can you believe it, over 50 blog posts and here we are. 2 years later. In the words of friend with I phone ” DAAAAAMN DANIEL!” lol


What would I say about my Nyama Mama experience? It was absolutely incredible!