#Cookingwithbae Mumbi’s Gizzard Curry


I am not in my kitchen today! And I have a bomb ass recipe that will blow your mind courtesy of my good friend Alexia.

It’s fitting to post this recipe today as she leaves the country to go back to school and work in a whole other country. So this particular recipe is a dear one to my heart. Have you ever that one friend who even when you are so damn hangover will whip you up a brunch with chicken, mushrooms, butter mash potatoes oh yes! I will miss her food a whole lot.

Gizzard curry

My baby girl mumbi

This is as always an easy week night recipe that we put together during a get together right after Christmas so you can imagine how I have been waiting to share this with you guys. This being a new segment on my blog I want to give you guys a look into my friends kitchens.  Wine, lots of laughter and tears because of the damn onions and voila a recipe for a beautiful meal.

We made a couple of dishes that day from delicious bell pepper roast potatoes, to a creamy chicken in a white wine sauce but my absolute favorite had to be the gizzards. I have always had a challenge on how to clean, how to prepare and how to cook them . Growing up there were just some things that I never bothered to learn and one that opportunity came up I just had to learn.

oven roasted potatoes

The bell peppers give the meal a natural sweetness.

creamy roasted chicken

creamy roasted chicken

Creamed spinach

mushrooms_food blogger

sauteed mushrooms

The gizzards were bought in city market, for 450 K sh you get a kg which can obviously feed a tribe. So let’s get down to business, chicken as always and trying to kill us with all their bacteria you always have to be careful while handling it. So when you get home from the market, soak the gizzards in salty hot water. We did this all through our prep and wine drinking session. lol she proceeded to clean them and remove the white layer from the gizzards, you can ask for this to be done at the market if you have a heart like mine lol. There is a lot to be done when it comes to the prep so be prepared.

gizzard curry_Kenyan food blogger_food blogger

Clean clean clean

Now because I was in a foreign kitchen you run with new rules, we both love red onions just because they caramelize beautifully but because we were using 2 whole onions we went for white. The taste isn’t over powering also I didn’t cry. Using very little oil because of how much oil chicken releases heat up a pot and throw in the onions, let them just get to the point where they are translucent.There is a lot of cooking to be done so you don’t want to over do them(is that even a word?)

gizzard curry_Kenyan food blogger_food blogger

So throw in the gizzard, we chose to cut them into smaller pieces but it’s absolutely up to you because we were about to feed a whole community. It was Christmas time so the calories did not count lol. Generally this would be a great meal when your cutting out fast food. We cooked the gizzards through adding in salt pepper and some chili at this point and let it all cook through. There will be a lot of water released but this is good you are making a curry. This is the point you would add in your diced tomatoes. Season the shit out of that food and let it cook through, let the sauce thicken up keep stirring to get to the consistency you would like. This is the point you add the coriander in give it a final stir and voila. Dinners ready.

gizzard curry_Kenyan food blogger_food blogger

There you go.

What do you need?

1 kg of gizzards

2 large white onions

3 large tomatoes

1 tablespoon of peri peri powder

1 tspn of curry powder

1 tspn of garam masala

 1  bunch of Coriander

Salt and pepper to taste

How do you do it?

Fry up the onions on medium to low heat till translucent.

Add in the gizzards and cook through till they remove water.

Add in the diced tomatoes and let them cook through till the stew thicker.

Add in the coriander and stir lightly.

Serve .

My love if you are reading this. I am wishing you all the best in your new journey, I am excited you are leaving just because someone else will be lucky enough to experience a friendship like yours. I love you so much. See you soon.

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick and easy weeknight recipe from my honeys kitchen. Can’t believe that was the last recipe of the month. Hope you guys have been trying it all out in your kitchens tag me on Twitter and on Instagram @jaytakeapic I would love to see your masterpieces.

As always,

I love you guys,

Live , love and be a fattie on the inside.


  • Khadija Khadija

    I don’t eat Gizzards but the whole meal looks posh(like it was to be eaten at a 5* love me some mushrooms! Wish your friend safe travels