Fathers Day Feast

  1. Fam Bam! Father’s Day is coming up!

My humans Fathers Day is here , I’m always so conflicted when it comes to my papa , he’s a very modern man but very traditional at heart. We’ve actually only hugged twice and guys that was such an awkward experience lol.

Figuring out what to get him on this day is always such an issue however you can never go wrong with food right? I have put together a list of restaurants that I think would be ideal for my papa and I know you guys will absolutely love!

The Mayura

My dad went to uni in India which means that he go sick of Indian food however he does have a pallet for some really good food. That being said Mayura in the Hub in Karen is super ideal. Right next to the water , it’s such a calm restaurant and whenever you walk in you are hit with this aroma of really good food.

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Graze at Sankara

Who’s papa loves a good steak? I know mine does. The last time I went wasn’t as fabulous as the first time to be honest however I know they have a fabulous herb crusted Tuna steak which is to die for!

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Nyama Mama

My dad loves to eat from everyone’s plate. I gues it’s what happens when you pay for everyone’s meal lol. I’d do the same thing too. They have a really wonderful menu at the restaurant. I really really love the buttermilk fried chicken. So crunch and delicious, their cocktails are also a super treat so once done with your meal treat your special guy to a cocktail.

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Coco Jambo Gardens

I know what you are thinking. Where the hell is that?! My papa loves some good nyama choma (barbecue meat) Situated on Dennis Pritt they have such great meat and it’s right under the trees so it’s such a great atmosphere. Growing up around meat and beer this place gives me a lot of nostalgia, getting to have a beer with the old man is cherry on the cake for sure.

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Sierra Lounge

Guys! They opened a new one! Has anyone been there yet? I can’t wait to go. So my dad introduced me to this restaurant. I actually remember my first Sierra Blonde ¬†beer. So crisp and light. They have such a fabulous menu. Some of my favorite dishes are their Spicy Fish and their burgers . So delicious guys. This would be such a treat for your papa.

Nyama mama-jaytakeapic-kenyan restaurants-where-to-eat-in-kenya

Picazzo Restaurant

We are back at the Hub . So my dad isn’t as adventurous as I am. But there is one thing that I know for a fact that he would absolutely love. The 20$ burger is something that everyone needs to experience. My life was changed guys! Loved the flavor and how creative Chef Hector Boo is and how he made every bite as flavorful as it is.

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I really hope this list has been helpful guys. I know I always struggle when it comes to putting together a list whenever my pals ask me. I’d love to hear your picks for restaurants that you would choose for the special day for papa.

Love you guys,


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    Yes! There’s also the part where I salute all fathers. ??