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So I’m sure you have seen a couple of posts online with the #ONJA wondering whats happening and I am sure you are wondering what it has to do with us making a mshikaki today. Well as a blogger , life can be super lonely and you get taken advantage of, which in turn makes you loose your morale. I once heard “our food is sufficient for your content” My response FLUSH! lol

I have met such amazing human beings who have taught me self worth , who hold my hand through really tough times like loss and pain and who I can have a ball with on the beach as we sip some lemonade cocktails under the sun. These are the members of ONJA. We are a conglomerate of bloggers who specialize in food , lifestyle and culture. I will link these amazing people below, I want you to get a chance to see how lucky I am to know such creative souls.


So you have noticed my post is #Layers , we will be doing a challenge once a month. So this one was all about layers, I decided to make Mshikakis topped with the delicious Jack Daniels Barbecue sauce I made last week.  Absolutely incredible and so easy to make. First thing I did was marinate the chicken breast, we all know how tasteless breast can be so to give it that flavor I marinated it with some soy, paprika, black pepper and salt. Left this in the fridge for about 4 hours.

How to make a mshikaki-chicken skewers-lifestyle blogger-onja-jaytakeapic

I then decided on what flavors I wanted, I had some red onion( which caramelizes beautifully and has a natural sweetness) I then added some green , red and yellow peppers. The beauty about these veggies is that they have a natural sweetness when they hit the grill. These flavors combined with the spicy Jack Daniels Barbecue sauce balance out so well. Which is such a plus.

How to make a mshikaki-chicken skewers-lifestyle blogger-onja-jaytakeapic

All about the assembly, just make it as colorful as you want, you can have which ever layers you want to go with this dish. Always make sure to wet your skewers before you throw then on the grill pan. This is a trick that I had to learn the hard way so pass them through the water before your do.

How to make a mshikaki-chicken skewers-lifestyle blogger-onja-jaytakeapic

What do you need?

Chicken breast

Green , Yellow and Red bell peppers

One large red onion

Salt & pepper

1 tbspn Paprika

2 tbspn Dark Soy.

How to make a mshikaki-chicken skewers-lifestyle blogger-onja-jaytakeapic

How do you do it?

Assemble the pieces in any order.

Throw them on the grill pan or the oven.

Make sure the chicken gets equal heat and gets fully cooked.

Take a picture.

Tag @jaytakeapic


How simple is that? You guys really should try it out. Check out what my fellow #ONJA members did with the Layers challenge. You are not ready for the amazing ways they took this concept. Kaluhis Kitchen , Lyra Aoko , Sheila Rabala , Pendo la mama , Kathys Kitchen , African Kaya , Foods n Foodies, SheenasKitchen, Leo tunapika .

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