2 Hours of Sunset

Amazing !Amazing !Amazing!!!! Picture this, a loose afternoon, picnic setting with some good friends, a lot of booze, great music and a movie to top it off. LOVED IT!
2 HOURS OF SUNSET is a lovely event that I went for last weekend with a couple of friends held in Stead mark Gardens, such a beautiful location with the floating restaurant. Oh my days, it’s so serene, in the heart of Karen; It makes you feel like you have taken a long drive out of Nairobi such a great place for a chill plan. Must go back!

More on the event, such fun I tell you, great prices on food and alcohol and the best part was honestly the movie, The Captain of Nakara, one word to describe that movie LOL, so funny I simply loved it. Open air events are such a great plan, we spend hours upon hours stuck in the office, it’s wonderful to get away just for a little while.

As always I always meet such great entrepreneurs, Felly Oyuga who had a stand at the event , she does deliveries for alcohol FREE DELIVERIES and her bottles have really great prices check out her page  BAR MULE . Give them a call the next time you decide to have a party and you literally have no where to get booze .

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest 🙂

Past Events  they’ve done in 2013
Steadmark Gardens
The proprietor of 2 HOURS OF SUNSET Danielle, Linda Obara & Essie Mosa. #SUNSHINE


LOL What’s life without a bit of silliness?


Lindsy Bee


Jay & Miss Mbaru


Miss Daisy & Linda


Family Fun Times


LOL the Kissing Bandit got my Linda sigh, what to do?
Ann Mbaru & Raych


He didn’t leave Raych out of the madness.


Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 I’d love to hear how you spent your weekend in the comments below. Until next time, Cheerio!

Pictures taken with the GALAXY S4 ZOOM .