5 years of Safaricom Jazz

OK I know it’s been a while. Like do people even write any more?

I am back, for a short while I think. Depending on what you guys have to say that is. Last weekend was super hectic for me, my girl was getting married , I had nothing to wear as always lol but we managed. Congratulations to Tracie and Bruce. You are love. Now I know you are wondering what I mean by hectic, Safaricom asked me to share some dope content on Safaricom Jazz and obviously I was up to the challenge.

I got down and dirty and decided I would shoot a look book lol , the universe wasn’t having it. Any of it. My laptop did this thing where it just went of and then my charger stopped working. So I lost footage and my laptop well, she is at the shop right now. I didn’t let it get me down because I was determined¬† to have a really good time at Safaricom Jazz.

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safaricom Jazz-jaytakeapic-safaricom

Can you believe this is their 5th year?! So they really pulled out all the stops on this one. The main at was BWB incase you havn’t had a chance to check out their stuff online they are absolute legends. Another act that I really enjoyed was Joja Wendt. He is an absolute showman, in the middle of his set the guy actually stopped to have a shot of vodka lol and when the crowd requested for one more song, he gave us one more song. I am always a fan of artists or musicians who give more than they are supposed to.

If you have never heard of Gloria Bosman , I need you to get your act together. We all know I am currently on this South African wave currently so she was an absolute treat for me. On the girl power note, Femme Fusion. What an amazing performance from these power women from all over the world. With our very own Kasiva Mutua, who I am obsessed with! Percussionist extraordinaire.

safaricom Jazz-jaytakeapic-safaricom safaricom Jazz-jaytakeapic-safaricom

The Mambo Tribe! Guys lol it’s amazing to see people who enjoy their craft the way they do because you could tell from their performance. What an absolute treat! I absolutely loved it.

safaricom Jazz-jaytakeapic-safaricom

To date Safaricom  has donated over KES 37 million (USD 365,560) from proceeds of the jazz festival since it was first held in February 2014, enabling the Art of Music Foundation to scale up its Ghetto Classics programme and expand it to Mombasa, with plans to branch out to Kisumu in the next year. Check out some beautiful faces I got to capture at Jazz.

Thank you for stopping by lovers and friends. Thanks to everyone who came and said hi at Jazz. It really does mean a lot.

Love you guys.