Frankies lounge on Ng’ong road OH MY DAYS!!!! that was a party and a half situated not too far from the city center right opposite Nairobi Baptist . the 12th of October marked a new beginning .
After burn was one hell of a night , old friends  catching up , new friends being made and most of all CHEAP COCKTAILS LOL. Madness my dear readers, pure madness!!! a big thank you to everyone who was able to make it we really appreciate your attendance . hope to see you next time 🙂


sexy miss gachoka in an achera design for more information get onto


@ms_mson on IG follow her for some twerking tutorials hahahaha #woodwork


family fun times


the boys acting casual hahaha MY FLASH IS SO BRING GUYS lol


boys in the hood ….Minai on the right , please explain that pose!!!


lol my friend @kbzwandere oh my days #ratchet  and the twerk queen @ms_mson


@traciegck in that beautiful achera number



beautiful family  miss kawira and joy #fashion #cocktails


#janausiku oh my days so great having wambui and josh around its been ages #elani  #janausiku


beautiful people !!!! oh my days #teamadelle  #love #family


lemme take you to funky town!


sagini madness!!! #family



funky town take 2


lovers and friends


ndegz and eddie  #afterburn   check out ndegz new single

its amazing !!!!!



miss achera herself and tajir  #achera




i should make a cousins night out of sorts aleki with the laidies  #fashion




these mamiz <3



such old school vibes #fena




lovers and friends


ashwin and maureen kunga from elani 🙂 #janausiku


everybody scream for some 100 bob tequila lol


miss joy kendi and singer Fena gitu






thanks for stopping by guys .have a great day.
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pics by #galaxys4zoom