Burger Fest- Eat out Kenya

Burger Fest is back guys! My waistline can’t catch a break .

That being said I’m super excited about this coming week. It’s Mothers Day week and there is nothing my mama loves like a good burger. She’s super picky with her favorite eating places but with the list I’m pretty sure that we can find something we both love.

So from today which is the 8th of May to the 14th of May when you buy a burger you get one free. The best week really!


How does this work?

1. Download your free #BurgerFest pass.

2. Choose a restaurant from the 90 choices.

3. Carry your pass with you at all times.

4. Destroy that waistline!

You can get more information on this on www.nairobiburgerfestival.com

Love you guys!

Have an amazing burger week.

The first burger is from  Tin Roof Cafe, second one is from Tamambo and the third one is from Nyama Mama.



  • Ruman Kuria

    Hello Please.
    That first burger, where is that? I can’t with how beautiful that plate is!!!!

  • Caroline Thuita

    Hey which restaurants are these? Thanks