Chop House-Restaurant review

I am always conflicted on what to write when I don’t fully enjoy a meal in a restaurant. Oh well here goes!

Hey guys!

How’s everyone doing? Thank you for all the love you guys showed me in my last YouTube video. I did the Get to know me Tag and I had such a great time shooting it and I loved your feedback. So two weeks backs I got an invite to Radisson Blue , they were launching their new menu at the Chop house. I am no stranger to Radison, I am in love with their decor, I love how piece has been strategically placed and how they all work to create the most beautiful aesthetic. However today isn’t about how gorgeous it was, we are in the kitchen today and we are about to break down the new menu.

Chop house-Radisson Blue hotel- restaurant review-Kenyan Blogger-Food Blogger

So we had two starters, my absolute favorite was Chef’s Palette – Which had hot oak smoked salmon with lemon and horse radish balm, a blistered scallop with caper berry cream sauce and a parmesan crisp and a langoustine served with a Parmesan and Cointreau foam. Guys! This dish was absolutely magnificent, the scallop was cooked to perfection. My hat off to Chef Gitonga who put this plate together. The parmesan crisp had such a wonderful flavor and was crispy at the same time. I think what i loved most about this dish is that there was such an interesting mix of textures which worked perfectly together. You guys know me and sea food. This was such a fantastic meal, if I could have any positive criticism, maybe to give it a bit more heat. It’s just a preference, I am starting to enjoy food with a bit more heat so I would have loved if that was an option.

Chop house-Radisson Blue hotel- restaurant review-Kenyan Blogger-Food Blogger

The beef wellington carpaccio. It was just a no! A huge no from me! It may be the fact that I a not a huge fan of beetroot anything, I just don’t know guys. I just couldn’t. If anything everyone else really enjoyed the dish but for me the flavors didn’t work for me. I can’t even put a description on it. I do love a good carpaccio but this didn’t work for me.

Chop house-Radisson Blue hotel- restaurant review-Kenyan Blogger-Food Blogger

Then we had a pallet cleanser tangy raspberry cream with gin and tonic foam which really was ice cream to me. It was strawberry ice cream. I really would have loved a sorbet before the next meal that we were about to really enjoy. This would have worked well as a desert. I really wish the description of the dish was what it came as. I could have used a good gin and tonic foam for real. That wasn’t the case for that day.



Can we just take some time to appreciate how gorgeous this steak looked?  Art of the Josper, you guys know me and red meat, I will never go out of my way to get a steak but I wold definitely go back for this striploin which is also known as New York strip, it’s always such a delight when you order for steak and it comes exactly how you imagined it. I enjoy hearing a cow mooing on my plate and it came exactly that way. It was a tad bit tough for me but I really enjoyed the flavors.The thing I enjoyed about this steak is how all the flavors worked perfectly together. Served with devil’s sauce which had some heat and was still sweet at the same time , their classic fries and sauteed garlicky long beans. I loved how crunchy the greens were though I wish they weren’t hidden under the steak I would have loved to enjoy them as is.

Chop house-Radisson Blue hotel- restaurant review-Kenyan Blogger-Food Blogger

GUYS!THIS OREO CHEESE CAKE! GUYS!!!!! Oh my goodness, so Sheila Rabala and I don’t have a sweet tooth so the chocolate lava cake wasn’t an option for the both of us. Chef Gitonga is an absolute legend for this! He heard our cries and this happened. I can’t even begin to tell you the levels of awesome were in this dessert.  It was such a highlight to the dinner. Who doesn’t love a good cheese cake. Am I right?

Well there you go fam. It was such a mixed review, I know many of you guys meet me and tell me that you went to a restaurant and didn’t have the same experience as I did. This is my candid opinion on the dinner I had, I would love for you guys to give it a go as I said we went with a couple more bloggers and they enjoyed their meals.  Check out and for their reviews.

I love you guys so much.

Thank you for reading.

Live, love and stay posh.


Photography by Dine with Jemutai <3