Christmas Wish list

Is it just me or is it really hard to buy gifts for people from the store.

I am obsessed with this time of year guys. My house is obviously too small to have a christmas tree but you can’t stop the spirit right? I have had such a hard time shopping for christmas gifts for my friends and family and my goodness everything is so unoriginal. Candles and flowers get over it boo things. Let’s be posh together, I have put together a list of 12 fabulous gifts that would make you the best secret santa.

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Kez organics

This is my girls company, she makes amazing sauces from a hot chili dip that is not for the faint hearted. To a delicious salsa dip that is absolutely delicious with some chips. My favorite is obviously the salsa dip, it’s fresh the flavor profile is absolutely fantastic and I think it would be such a great gift for a friend who loves some heat in their dishes. Find them on social media here 

kenyan brands-what yoou can get for christmas-kenyan companies-kez organics-jaytakeapic


kenyan brands-what yoou can get for christmas-kenyan companies-kez organics-jaytakeapic

Dapper Monkey

Ladies and gentlemen. If you haven’t heard of dapper monkey then you are definitely missing out. They have come to revolutionize the mens fashion scene with dapper pieces with everything to amazing leather bags, colorful socks that will give any outfit that extra shine. Neck ties and loafers. Their list is endless. Gents you know that you need these pieces in your closets. Ladies if you are looking for the perfect store to shop for your man then you know where to go. Visit their website here.


Cook Books

Shout out to all the amazing bloggers that have released cook books this year. @Kaluhiskitchen and very recently @CookingwithJazz this would be such an ideal gift for anyone who loves to cook or is learning to cook. You can download Kaluhis book here and get in touch with Jasmine here.


My girl Christine Njoki has started an amazing line that has been rocking the world. My goodness her designs are absolutely stunning she has such a fresh view of fashion that is absolutely amazing. Love love love her stuff. Follow her on social media and get yourself a gift.

Ed Wainaina Arts

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT ED! He has such an artistic impression on art. he has done portraits of everyone from Yemi to Joy Kendi. Amazing amazing amazing. You can commission him to make a portrait for your loved ones. He will do such an amazing job and your loved ones will be super impressed. Find him on social media and place your orders here.

Posh by Jay

It’s not a full list until  I put in some poshness! You guys by now know that I have recently gone into retail. It has been a journey to where I am now , and it was just a dream to be able to share it wth you guys. In the new year I plan on going into more amazing stuff, hoodies, hats and even crop tops for the girls . Yaaas is the word. Put in your orders reach out to me on Instagram , Facebook and Twitter. @Jaytakeapic .

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Photoshoot by Lyra Aoko Media

We all want to save memories and get a little pampered. Lyra Aoko Media is my girls company, she does amazing things with her lens and a back ground. Watching her grow over the years has just been inspiring and to see the amazing work she is doing now is crazy. Go on the reach out to her and get yourself a photo shoot for you and you boo. It would be such a damn treat. Send her an email at and use LRYAJAY as the subject for a 5% discount.

Throw Down by Mandi

If you don’t know Mandi get your life please! She makes the most amazing food and it would be the most ideal treat to give a loved one or even a collegue. Imagine giving someone such a wonderful treat she can make you a beautiful meal, maybe her signature plantain and chicken wings. The list is endless. Reach out to her and get you partner, lover or even best friend a throw down treat for the holidays. @missmandithrowdown

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Aditah Bags

Another amazing friend who is doing the most. I am pretty sure you have seen me rocking my canvas and leather bag all over the place. Super obsessed with how easy it is to carry. Such a perfect accessory to add to your outfit. It’s super functional and she has a wide range of bags that you can buy. You can follow her on social media.

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House of Theluji

Best way to gift anyone is to jazz up their outfits. You need to check out their amazing things, Shiro of house of Theluji has mastered the art of the perfect piece to finish any outfit. I have adorned a couple of her pieces this year in many of my blog posts and they would be the perfect gift for your boo.

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Luscious Touch

If you love yourself a good bath then they are the company for you. Located in Yaya and the Hub in Karen they have amazing bath soaps and aromatic scented oils. They are such a special treat you can give a loved one.

Discoucher 2017 book

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 2016 version of the Discoucher book. If you haven’t heard about it then it’s a book full of coupons, everything from meal vouchers to free nights at hotels. Their offers are such a steal. My favorite steal was definitely pizza at Purdy Arms which I really enjoyed. Look out for their 2017 edition and treat a loved one. Order for your book here.

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Hope you guys liked this list. Do you guys have any more amazing gifts that I can put up on this list?

As always


Live, love and stay posh!