When did we stop believing in ourselves?

Hey guys!

Sorry i’ve been so quiet. I always think it’s so important to take a break when you aren’t in the right frame of mind. I wasn’t sleeping well, I wasn’t eating well, my body was not well. I hadn’t figured it out. all this was happening was because my brain and my mind wasn’t well.

I am a creative at heart, so when my mind isn’t working well, my whole life is at a stand still. Everything suffers, and I mean suffers, nightmares at night thinking about the unknown. I have always been a pretty positive person but even that suffers.  I am back! I am stronger. You need to go through somethings in life to get your strength, you need to loose focus, you need to learn how to trust yourself again.


Go back to the beginning

I can say I have been a pretty spiritual person for a better part of my life. The way life is we have been confined to thinking that some ideals are for some people and we have accustomed ourselves to those fine lines. You know what, FUCK THOSE IDEALS. I think getting back to where you started is such an important part of understanding the process. We get to learn that;

1. We have made a lot of progress in life.

2. We have a purpose and a reason why we do what we do.

The way I deal with this, sometimes, I sit in my silence with a nice candle lit, with my windows wide open and I pray. I have been learning how to read the bible again, there is a certain strength in some of the principles that the bible speaks on. It is how I deal.  I find hope, I find myself and I find my beginning.

image credits: homestetics.net

image credits: homestetics.net

Embrace the now

I think one of the most important things I have learnt in this period is that sometimes the things that happen in life, you need to embrace. You need to get to a point where , you just accept the situation you are in. Learn to take people for who they are, we make excuses for people and situations that we are in life. We are human and we see the good in everyone.

Learning to embrace where you are gives you the motivation and the strength to make that change. Make that move. I know people who have been so accustomed to a tough life that when life gives them an out they are scared of the possibility of happiness. The unknown is such a scary place. The unknown is unknown and that’s what makes it great. There is a certain beauty in being able to see a future.


I was recently inspired by Casey Neistat, he is a film maker extrodinnare. He has been able to make his own destiny. He has been able to set a path for himself in life. “DO WHAT YOU CAN’T” The thing about how the world is set up is that no one can see what your heart can. We have desires and goals  in life that we have set for ourselves. With peoples expectations of us we are always in this bubble. We become comfortable, we become complacent in life.

You need to sit back and figure it all out, the situations we are in life are not the end. The thing is our ideas stay with us, until we put them down on paper and make them happen. When you are done reading this, create with me. In the process of looking for a team of experts who will help me change this platform I have. Jaytakeapic.com like you have never seen it before. At the end of the day, what we create is what we own. What do you want to be know for.

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Move on

YOU ARE NOT MARRIED TO YOUR SITUATION. Keep it going! The other day someone was talking about millennials and how we don’t know how to handle pressure and we get easily bored. I was under the impression that they spoke out of ignorance. I have learnt how to push myself hard. I have also learnt that sometimes, you need to let something go to be able to et something new and fresh.

I see it this way, when Tarzan is in the jungle to get to where he is going he needs to leave the vine he trusts to get onto another, and another up till he gets to his final destination. Do not peg your happiness on people  or things. Keep it moving.

I hope this is able to help someone. I would love to hear from you guys who are tech savvy, who can be able to help me reach my goals of creating a platform that we can move to.

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Love you guys,

Live, love and stay inspired.