Fun ways to accessorize any outfit.

Fab humans!

How is everyone doing?

So today’s post is all about finding the right accessories to brighten any outfit. It’s been so gloomy of late and I find myself wearing darker and more neutral colors. The fabulous cold weather is here with us so it’s time to layer up but I find myself a I said in such dark colors. It’s such a struggle leaving the house because there is no sun to give you some inspiration to throw on some color.

I have some really fab accessories and pieces that would be able to bring some color to any outfit for sure. You don’t have to look like the weather buddy.

My first is the smallest piece. This bracelet is giving me all the life, very subtle way of adding color to any outfit.I absolutely love the braided effect on the silver clasp . It gives it such a nice finish which I am digging right now. The tan color of the bracelet can be able to go with any outfit.

My second piece that would be able to add some summer to any outfit are these embroidered belts. I have always bought leather belts because as I said neutral colors are bae but these belts bring such a fabulous touch of color to any outfit. Can’t wait to share some outfit options with you guys when I dress up these belts.

OK I know it’s black but this is such a fab accessory to throw onto any outfit. We all know my hairline is no longer doing what it’s supposed to do. So finding the perfect hat has been such a challenge but I am am slowly searching for hats that can give my outfits that fab feeling.

Lastly these boat shoes are my absolute fave. I am loving loving loving that pop of color with the navy color. These shoes are the perfect way to complement any outfit. I love how easy these shoes are they can be paired with a pair of shorts or a nice pair of  chinos. Absolutely fab!

I was able to buy all these amazing accessories from these were some of my favorite picks for this gooomy season. I would love to hear what accessories you guys are loving. And how you are sprucing up your outfits.

Thanks for reading fam,

love you guys.