Get to know-Kasiva Mutua

Fam! One day to Safaricom Jazz Festival tomorrow at Carnivore. I need you all to dial 1511 for your tickets right this moment. I will introduce you guys to one of the reasons I will be going tomorrow.

A couple of years back I went for my first Jazz Festival. It was at Intercontinental Hotel. I was super excited because I had convinced my people to go so I wouldn’t be alone at the event. Turns out half the time I was right next to the stage because of on Kasiva Mutua. She was the percussionist for Nairobi Horns Project who I absolutely can not get enough of. Over the years I have gotten to know her ,following her work as she take over the world one beat at a time. It is such a joy for me because whenever I go for events I get to see the same look that I had on my face. That excitement, that bliss, that feeling that this is the first time you are hearing someone play like this for the first time.

kasiva mutua-jaytakeapic-fesature-safaricom Jazz

Jay:*How can you describe what you do? *

Kasiva:Hmmm…I play drums and percussion. Percussion is anything you beat or shake or rattle to produce sound
BUT! My job is not a job really. I have so much fun I forget I should be serious sometimes. 😆
I think it turned into a job by luck because kitambo I used to play just for my personal high and as a hobby then one day, somebody paid me, and I kicked my journalism degree out.

Nairobi Horns porject-kasiva mutua-safaricom jazz at 5

Jay:*What inspired you to do what you do? *
Kasiva: I started playing from listening to folk tales that granny would tell me when I was a child.
I would listen to sounds from the environment and replicate what I was hearing on my laps and surfaces, plates, my school desk, etc.
Then I I tried it on Drums and Wow!

Jay:*When did you start? *

Kasiva:I started when I was 6 years, with my laps, chest, plates, spoons, chopping board, desk, my best friend’s back, etc

Jay:*How was it giving a ted talk and what was it about? *

Kasiva:It was REALLY scary! Really, really scary! It’s that day I noticed I have MEGA stage fright!
I realized that playing and speaking have very different dynamics!
I spoke about the role I play in cultural preservation and told my Drum story as well AAAAND performed!

Jay :*Who have you worked with and who would you wanna work with in the future? *

Kasiva: I am truly blessed to have worked with a bunch of really talented folks from all over.
From Suzanna Owiyo, Nairobi Horns Project, Kidum, Nameless, MDQ, Elani, June Gachui, reggae icon Anthony B, Kora virtuoso Nomoucounda Sissoko from Senegal, to being on Coke Studio and working with Mi Casa, Nasty C, Jason Derulo, Mafikizolo, Olamide,
I have done collaborative work in The Nile Project, OneBeat, Femme Fusion, Giant Steps Music, etc

I would wanna work with OMG screams Dobet Gnahore, Fatoumata Diawara, Kareyce Fotso, Rokia Traore, Sheila E.
Kwanza Dobet, I’m crazy about her.
All of these are super strong influential musical women that I truly admire.

You guys need to watch her in action tomorrow. Get your tickets right now so we can get down together fam.

Love you guys!