How to find your Inner Gentelman

Magic. I turn 28 in exactly 27 days. I am excited and the same time nervous. Let me explain.

Guys! It’s another Monday how is everyone doing?

(This post is in collaboration with Gentleman Jack.)

A couple of weeks back it hit me, 28 is just round the corner. I have nothing to show for it. Self-doubt! I think this is something that we have all struggled with, guys & girls alike. We all get to that certain point in life where we can’t really explain why we feel the way we feel. We just know we aren’t fine. Today’s post isn’t about sadness, it’s about finding your inner magic, finding what really makes you special and so damn unique.

I know what you are thinking, inner gentleman, relax guys I am getting to it. So after I had that moment of absolute panic, I had to sit myself down. Take out my journal and list down one by one. The things I had achieved since I turned 27 till this point. I listed each and everything down, from the little things to things like remembering to call my mother on a weekly basis. ( We know how that can be guys, am I the only one who really struggles with that? Life is too hectic for it’s own good.)

So I have a couple of tips and tricks that can really help you really find yourself. Learning to believe in yourself is so important, no one can love you like you love you fam.

Find yourself

  1. Slow down. -Breathe! Breathe again! The hardest thing about life right now is that there is not time to slow down, you have meetings back to back, you’re trying to stay hydrated while maintaining your work relationships and making sure your partner is fed. (I’m so happy I’m single and all I have to take care of is my plant lol) You need to take it easy and realize that it will all be ok, even if it’s not ok right now. It’s not the end.
  2. Hold yourself accountable- You need to sit yourself down and realize that your life is yours to live. You are responsible for the decisions you have made in your own life. If you have chosen to do nothing about your situation you have absolutely no one to blame. Sit down with yourself, I always think that journaling (Is this even a word?) is such a great way to release your inner thoughts and plan what your next moves are. Write it all out, if you are in a rut see where it all went wrong, cut out someone who keeps you going down the sadness rabbit hole. If it’s a financial situation you will know just what you need to cut out to be able to save up for that trip at the end of the year or even be able to buy yourself that piece of land that you have been seeing every time you are on the way to see your grams.

Chase your goals

  1. LEARN! I cannot stress this enough, I know we don’t have time to sit down with a book. I realize that we are so busy. If you are busy dropping things in your life that have been slowing down your progress that you have to add things into your life that will eventually build you. There are so many channels on YouTube that will ultimately build your skill. Learn something new. I am loving E books as well. One of my favorite YouTubers put me on this you can get tons of  audio books. You need to start listening to pod casts of people who have made strides in life, sometimes you just need that affirmation that it is possible to succeed.

Live your Truth

  1. Block out the noise- There is generally a lot of negativity, from the people who surround us to the media we are consuming on a daily basis. Drown it all out. I cannot stress this enough, we are humans which means we are bothered by negativity, in as much as we show the world we are strong and we do not care. We get home and we wallow on those thoughts. Move those negative people out of your way! Keep them out of your mind, give yourself time to heal, give your mind to time to build its walls and start thinking a new.
  2. Share your shine-I actually had this conversation with a friend the other day. What does this mean you ask? The positive vibes and the strengths we have made can be someone’s strength that they too can make it. Your time is also your shine. Spend it building people, spend it building the people around you. I always say you go higher every time you build the people around you. It’s like a pyramid. You build a strong base and you keep growing higher and higher. Just the other day my friend Eli sent me a message on how he participated in a competition to go for a trip to Tel Aviv. Guys all I had to do was vote and guess what in a couple of weeks, he will be off on an adventure. All because someone took the time to do something as simple as vote for their friend.

I don’t know if you guys have heard about the Gentleman wanted campaign that is being ran by Gentleman Jack. I think this competition is all about finding yourself and actually believing in yourself.

At the time when this competition started I had proper doubts about myself but now that I am where I am. I can’t think of anything better than to share my time. All you have to do is vote for these individuals’ guys and girls who have taken the leap! Vote for the guys and make their dreams possible.

I hope this post has been able to help someone who has been struggling with finding themselves. It has been a journey and it always will be. We are evolving and we owe it to ourselves to find ourselves, chase our goals and dreams and live our truth.

Till my next post , have a look at the #gentlemenwanted campaign from #JackDanielsKe and take time to vote for these gentlemen who have taken the leap and believed in themselves and gone for it!

Love you guys