Taco Tuesday!



I hear Taco Tuesday is a thing, I would like to disagree because every day is a damn taco day! lol. So for the longest time I have been passing the taco stand in the supermarket and I never think to buy them. It’s the weirdest thing how the minute you decide to cook something that’s all you think about and see.
I remember this delicious shredded pork taco I had an event with some spicy guacamole, it was absolutely sinful how good it was so obviously I had to get me some taco shells. Of which after I bought them they stayed in my pantry for a month without me even looking at them. Till one Saturday morning a sober one, lol one of those where you get up and you actually enjoy the sunshine without a hangover. It was the day, I was going to make me some breakfast tacos.
Now bear in mind, I try to shop once a month so I have to improvise with a lot of things which always makes it more fun.

So today, we are making the most delicious breakfast taco you have ever had. With the most creamy scrambled eggs and some caramelized bacon and a spicy yogurt sauce. GUYS! It was so good, I am embarrassed to say hat I finished two of them while at my kitchen counter.

So let’s start by making this spicy sauce. The beauty about this is that you can use as much spice as you want and you can change up the ingredients to your liking.

Spicy sauce

1/3 cup of Natural yogurt

red pepper flakes



garlic chili sauce

a dash of soy sauce


how o make breakfast tacos-jaytakeapic-food blogger-kenyan food blogger

Now for the creamy scrambled eggs.

The one way I have learn to make my scrambled eggs is to start with a cold sauce pot, I prefer to make my scrambled eggs in a sauce pot, on really low heat. This way you are able to really cook it through. The trick is always to put everything one by one, so you start with the cold eggs, then you add in your milk, then the butter. I prefer to use salted butter so I don’t have to add too much. You can choose to add in cheese which I did. Which made them even more fluffy and creamy.

3 eggs

Salted butter

1/2 cup of milk

1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese

Pinch of black pepper

how to make creamy scrambled eggs-jaytakeapic-foodblogger-kenyan blogger

how o make breakfast tacos-jaytakeapic-food blogger-kenyan food blogger

For the caramelized bacon

I usually have some brow sugar which caramelizes beautifully with bacon but I had to improvise with some honey which OH MY GOODNESS! Was amazing! It’s such a treat , the sweetness cuts through the chili and balances beautifully with the creamy eggs.

how o make breakfast tacos-jaytakeapic-food blogger-kenyan food blogger

You guys have to try this out, you will absolutely love love love it!

how o make breakfast tacos-jaytakeapic-food blogger-kenyan food blogger


I love you guys so much. Thank you for sticking around all this years , big things are coming for us.

how o make breakfast tacos-jaytakeapic-food blogger-kenyan food blogger


Live , love and stay posh!


  • Goofy_soul??

    Temptation Overload!! Is all I can come up with after reading this.
    One thing that I honestly can take with me after reading some various posts is variety, possibility and motivation.
    The downside is that I’m tempted to snack after!!
    But, I’m glad you offer life on a different point of view.