International Jazz Day

Hey Guys!

What a phenomenal day out with my friends. I got to meet so many posh peeps at the recently concluded Safaricom Jazz Festival.

I really got down this weekend as it was the All Stars Kenyan Edition. We got to see electric performances from some of my favorite bands, Nairobi Horns Project, Shamsi Music, Kavutha did a couple of collaboration performaces which were absolutely phenomenal.

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This one was the all star Kenya edition , by now if you aren’t buying and consuming Kenya I have no idea what you are doing. Worth every penny! The Safaricom jazz festival is always such a beautiful time!

I’m pretty sure some of you have heard about the Ghetto Classics. It is a platform that allows children from low income areas access to a better future. I actually took an interest to it and I wanted to find out more about this amazing opportunity that these kids get to have.

It was really amazing to find out that all the profits go straight to the kids at Korogocho where the school of music is. However it goes beyond that. They are helping the children in the different communities paying school fees, paying rent for their families when there is a problem. They are filling in the gap. Every ticket we buy counts guys, no pressure lol.

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Currently they have enrolled 900 children into the program and they have been able to learn skills , learn that where you are from doesn’t determine where you are going. Elizabeth Njoroge the founder of Art of Music has taken up the responsibility of mama for the kids and works every moment to ensure that they are living their dream. That they are achieving their goals and reaching their full potential.

They have gotten to perform for everyone from the Pope to the President which opens up their world in the most magical ways. You do not have to die in the ghetto just because that is where you started. What a beautiful opportunity we have to build our community and the time is now. You may read more about it on the Ghetto Classics website.

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Lets build our children.

If you haven’t watched my latest video on the All star edition of the Safaricom Jazz Festival.


I love you guys!

Live, love and be inspired.