Journey to Jozi- What to do in Johannesburg.

Good Morning my loves,

Part two of my Jozi Travel series.

I’m so glad I could help a couple of you who haven’t tried out the process of getting to South Africa. Now that you have found your way there. Let me give you a cool list of some of the things that I did. If you guys took a peek at my social media you know I took a photo with the glorious Mandela Statue. A quintessential photo op for all first time tourists when they go to the Mandela Square.

So I have put together a list of things that I did. I have to start with the fact that, shopping is not an activity, lol I repeat, shopping is not an activity. We would have for sure done other things while we were in Johannesburg. I could start with the fact that going to a mall for 3 1/2 hours is absolutely draining. If I was to suggest for you guys to go shopping in Jozi, you could always go to the Rose bank Mall and not the Sandton City Mall. There is a calming energy in Rose bank.

My fave store was Cotton On. If you are into really nice contemporary pieces, you should definitely check them out.

Now lets get down to the good stuff.

Eating Out.

The most fabulous thing about Johannesburg is that eating out is not as expensive as it is here. There are so many amazing restaurants and fast food joints that you can visit. I was really happy to see one of my favorite childhood restaurants Chicken Licken. Who remembers that place? I always thought that I made it up from my fat kid imagination, their chicken was so good! We didn’t go in but it was really dope to see.

On the first day we went to Mc Donalds, I obviously had to have a big Mac, it was my first time there and probably my last. I am not such a huge fan of fast food especially if I am presented with many more options but this was after maybe 4 hours of shopping and we needed a quick fix before our big night out. lol.

We then went to an area called Parkhurst which is absolutely beautiful. They have many vintage shops and it’s a little oasis with furniture stores and clothing stores. If you are looking for some unique pieces this would be an ideal street to go to. They have some pretty neat Air bnbs on that particular street as well. So we went to a restaurant called Craft. Guys! Guys!

Craft-street-view-journey to johannesburg-things to do in johannesburg-travel blogger-jaytakeapic-food blogger-african blogger

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The food was absolutely amazing, when you watch my video (that will go up on Monday) as my final part of the series, you will get to see the amazing plating. I can only describe the experience. It’s a quaint little restaurant and the management and the staff were so kind and helpful. I loved how involved they were without you feeling that they were in your space. Their food was so fairly priced and the portions were just too much. We ordered for three different dishes and just had to pack them. You all know my love for burgers, guys, it was so juicy and full of amazing flavors.

Another gorgeous restaurant we visited was Marble which OMG! Such a treat! Our favorite tour guide told us that we were even lucky to get into the place because they usually have a strict guest list but we got to go during the day and have a little chill session during one of the most epic sunsets I have seen.

journey to johannesburg-things to do in johannesburg-travel blogger-jaytakeapic-food blogger-african blogger


Jo burg sunsets in the fall are just gorgeous. Sure the sun is gone by 6 pm but it’s such a delight. I had a delicious cocktail called the Saint Laurent which had Don Julio Raposodo tequila which I absolutely love!

Night Life

We went to a couple of places for the first two nights that I really enjoyed. Two streets in particular.

journey to johannesburg-things to do in johannesburg-travel blogger-jaytakeapic-food blogger-african blogger

Melville and Bramfontein. I’ll talk about Bram for now as it is popularly know but my Jozi peoples. ( I think lol )

We went to Great Dane which OMG! Guys, the vibe was absolutely electric. We got there at night, obviously. If you are used to Kenyan drinking, please buy a bottle and drink in the house because the clubs don’t get hot till around midnight. Another thing to note is that they do charge a cover fee so don’t just go with your card. This is time to use your Rands fam. I think we paid 45 Rand for the guys and 30 for the women. It was such a good time in the club. All types of people who are just friendly and the drinks are fairly priced so you know I loved it.

journey to johannesburg-things to do in johannesburg-travel blogger-jaytakeapic-food blogger-african blogger


The second club we went to was Kitchener’s. Fun fact, this bar is 102 years old and everything has been maintained and is exactly the same. I was more excited when I entered the disco lol. Guys! The DJ even on a Wednesday was absolute magic.

Source of image(

So the third part about this post is something we had really thought about. We really wanted to go to Orlando Towers which is in Sowetto however, we found out that they only open from Thursday to Sunday. I really had bungee jumping on my bucket list but chilling with a Cheetah was equally fun.

I can’t lie our ride to the Lions Park was really really long. With an Uber, it cost us 3,500 ksh. I would advise you guys to hire a car or ask a friend. We got to meet some really cool humans at the park who gave us some amazing conversations and a ride back. However, if you are not able to get a ride back, speak to your Uber guy, they are really cool and they can come back for you probably at the same cost. You can check them out here.

You can feed giraffes, watch lions fighting over meat, play with little cubs and pose with a cheetah. Someone online told me we had lions in Kenya but guys… New experiences have to be found by trying new things. It was such a fun experience with the best travel buddy Joy.

Hope you guys found this article insightful. I really did enjoy my experience in Johannesburg and I can’t wait to go back. Maybe for Afro Punk this year Solange, Anderson Paak and some many amazing musicians are performing, my squad and I have some plans lol.

Thanks for reading Fam.

I love you guys.




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