Lovers of my soul!

How are we doing and what is up? So sorry I am posting this today, I am not a big fan of scheduled posts. I am more of type as I feel kind of guy and my editor hates me for this because I write like I speak. I really don’t believe in punctuation lol. I haven’t had a chance to do anything since Saturday which was the Blogger Awards till yesterday because there was no internet at home and at the office. However here we are now so let’s chat.

Is it just me or did the memes of Rihannas dress at the MET gala make you crave a cheese omelette? Then again everything makes me crave cheese lol.

Today’s post is kind of different, I really don’t have a direction basically I just wanted to say thank you for all the support that you guys have shown. I don’t say this enough but you guys are phenomenal. I have said this a couple of times, I always assumed that the only people who read my blog were my best-friend and my Editor. Meeting many of you and hearing your kind words just gives me the morale to do what I do best, enjoy life and live it out on my blog. 

At first when we didn’t win on Saturday I was kind of bummed out, for all of 30 seconds (believe me they were pretty long)

leo not winning

Immediately after I realized that nothing was taken from me, the fact that out of 1800 blogs we were chosen and that we were acknowledged was more than enough for me. I really thank the Blogger Association of Kenya for giving people such as myself such a great platform to get to know other people who churn out content week after week.  This amazing world of blogging has introduced me to people I call friends now and people with amazing minds who just want to grow and don’t mind tagging you along on the ride.

Me and My editor miss Maureen.

Me & My Editor Miss Maureen.

To all the nominees, I say congratulations. You were winners even before you walked into that room and when you walked out you were still winners. My friends like Joy of OurStyleKenya , Ian of My Dear Doris, Anita of Style Sketches, Lyra of Cynosure and so many more people who I have known for years. Who would have thought the day we met that this would be our existence?  Love you guys so much and I am proposing future projects. Let’s shake it up, lets make magic.

My girl Vivian and Ashwin

My girl Vivian and Ashwin

Victor Peace and Miss Lyra Aoko

Victor Peace and Miss Lyra Aoko #MelaninOnFleek

Miss Silvia Njoki , I heard someone call you the underdog. I really didn’t understand why because your blog is nothing short of fabulous. You and your little baby girl are really quite the team and I am sure one day when she understands what just happened she will appreciate how hard her mama works. Congratulations to you doll , you are golden. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors  you little blue haired minx.

Miss Joy Kendi and Sylvia Njoki

Miss Joy Kendi and Sylvia Njoki

Well that’s that. Just to let you know me and the team have some really exciting stuff for you guys coming up. Lot of life hacks a couple of you have been asking for those and some videos on my YouTube channel that I am sure you guys are going to enjoy. I would love to hear from you guys, chat me up on my Facebook Page or tweet me at any time @Jayorskerea  and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel Jaymakesavid .




Sorry the photos weren’t as great. It was one of those nights all I wanted to do was mingle.