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After misplacing my memory card that had all the images from the press launch, I finally found it yesterday.  As always Eat Out and SHK know how to throw a party. Title sponsors Nedeberg were in the house and there was lots of wine going round. We even had a little wine tasting competition which Joy and I lost miserably lol.

Laura Walubengo_DSTV Kenya

Laura Walubengo being schooled on the NRW Menu


The venue was Brew Bistro and they did a fabulous job at feeding us and even teaching us how to make some of their signature dishes that they will be serving in their menu for Restaurant Week. As always they never disappoint so I am looking forward to paying them a visit.

Eat Out Kenya

salmon tar tar and yes that is a raw egg

Today’s post is a bit of my overview of my expectations for the coming week and what I thought about the last one. I will start with my disappointments and maybe put across what I hope to see during this foodie week which starts 28th of January to the 7th of February. PAY DAY!


First of all I really hope that Monikos styles up,since I saw that they are participating again. With food that was not up to par, I hope that they serve more of what they are known for,we all know their Italian dishes are absolutely fabulous. Being on the 2,500 k sh menu , I hope they are planning on pulling out all the stops this year. Second restaurant that did nothing for my taste buds the last time was Adega, in terms of presentation and flavor they need some improvement but I love their service and ambiance.

Eat out Kenya


Eat out Kenya

Soni of Sonisideup.com

New restaurants that I am planning to go to are OhCha which serves Asian cuisine.With my growing love for asian flavors, I am definitely looking to checking out their menu. Sugarcane which is a Caribbean  restaurant located in the new Garden City mall which has a lunch and a dinner menu. Tapas Ceviche which my girl Rowena has been raving about must be given a try. The Curragh is a new restaurant that has come into town that is also making it’s debut into the scene, located at the Ng’ong race cours which is an Irish pub.

Dstv_Laura Walubengo_Kenya

Justjoykendi_Fashion blogger

my boo Joy Kendi of Justjoykendi.com

Lafrohimien_Kenyan Photographer

Serah stealing some treats lol

However this may be all over turned by some of the restaurants that I really enjoyed the last time like Mediterraneo at 9 West. Which had a absolutely fabulous menu. Beautiful food, absolutely delicious flavors and fantastic service. Also one of my favorite restaurants which I actually found last time on the NRW list Ventana. They can have my money all day everyday. Everything from their service to their flavors to their portions. They take the time to find out how you are , if you enjoyed the meal and even when you will be coming back next. I would highly recommend these two restaurants.

Kenyan food blooger

Darshni of Cupcakestocurry.com making her cocktail

Brew bistro

Patricia Kihoro_nation fm_amarula

Patricia brand ambassador of Amarul awarding Sheila rabala for her fabulous cocktail “Crimes of passion”

There you go, who is excited about this coming week? Tell me your favorite restaurants, in the comment section and which you plan on never going back to lol.  I hope to bump into you guys during this week.  Check out EatOut.co.ke for more information. They are giving out trips and free meals. I kind of want to go to Dubai so can we just?

As always.

Love you guys.

Live, love and be adventurous during #NRW2016


If you are up for some reading, check out my posts from last year. It could give you an idea of what I really enjoyed and what I didn’t. #NRW2015chronicles1 #NRW2015Chronicles1

  • Eunice Radak

    Lovely post as usual. Looking forward to NRW2016…..planned on going to Adega but now am having second thoughts….

    • Oh thank you 🙂 Well try it out and tell me what you think maybe yours will be a better experience.

  • kenyancoffee

    first timer, arrono where to start…a rough guide mayherps?

    • I usually try and do a bit of each. You should decide based on cuisine that you enjoy

  • This year will be my first time to try NRW..better be worth it..hehe