I have honestly loved October.

So many activities to do, and as the universe would have it it was all while I was on Sober October. Luckily I have friends who love to have a good time so I got the chance to take them out for October Fest. Oh where are my manners? I know you’re wondering what October Fest is.

On my bucket list, I have a couple of festivals that I need to go to. Coachella for the culture, Burning Man to test my endurance and Beer Fest because I one I think I would look really cute leather Lederhosen shorts with suspenders and an Alpine hat , and two beer. Lots and lot’s of beer. I reduced my intake of beer a couple of years back, the taste was all the same. I think I may have damaged my pallet with copious amounts of Don Julio but you have to agree if you went for October Fest your pallet has been left wanting more.

Brew Bistro is back at it again with October Fest this year which was even bigger and better. With over 30 different beers from all over the world the options were more than enough. They partnered with a ton of restaurants that you could be able to visit and go enjoy their selection of beers and like we did grab a bite to eat as you enjoy your beers.

Because I am not drinking,I summoned a Little Cab and tagged my girls along because girls drink beers too am I right?! So for our first stop, I finally went to Cheka Restaurant which I had never been to.

The options there were the Cheka Draft and the Brew Draft. My girl Kawi gave the Cheka draft a try which she enjoyed and paired well with the spicy chicken wings which we absolutely loved.

Next stop had to be on a Sunday and of course I had to call my girl Alexia. You guys have probably seen her in the v-log a million times. We had a proper bar crawl on a Sunday. She got her really delicious beers and  i got to eat really delicious food. Our first stop was Urban burger, which for me is always such a delight. We got to try two beers from there which were surprisingly yummy( I had to take a small sip and join in the fun lol)

The Silly rouge was absolutely delightful , it was a dark stout beer that had the most delicious fruity taste. Alex really enjoyed this one and it paired well with the sticky spicy wings. It was 8% so for sure an afternoon drink and drive is not recommended. Go and enjoy this on a nice sunny day with your mates. You will love it.

Our next stop which is one of my favorite Nairobi Pizza Spots, and this time we were joined by my girl Phylis. We got to try one of my old time favorites which is my go to beer in brew. The Simpils. I have always loved how light this beer is. I have gone through the whole range of Brew beers and for sure this is my favorite. This beer paired really well with the Carnivore pizza. If ever you were in the area please try this combination it was such a treat.

Our last stop for the day was Art Cafe. I can’t remember the last time I went to so many places on the same day. We obviously could not eat any more so we just enjoyed a couple of beers. What a treat it was. Alex really enjoyed The Pink Killer which is much lighter than the Silly Rouge but was so much more flavorful. You can really taste the grapefruit which was such a delight.

Our last beer of the hop which was very robust and would definitely be enjoyed by a heavy beer drinker was the IPA Killer. It had a zesty finish to it, I could actually imagine making a nice beer battered fish with it. Then squeezing some lemon on the fish. It was be such a treat.

(this picture was taken by the talented Tatiana Karanja)

There you have it. You can still enjoy most of these beers at Brew Bistro , so it’s not too late to give them a go. Big thank you to the team over at Brew Bistro for putting this together and allowing me and my peeps to enjoy this amazing treat. And to Little cab for helping us get around Nairobi as we painted the town red.

I love you guys,