Hi i’m Jayson and I have Post Series Depression!

OK! OK! OK! I was up till TWELVE THAREE ONE IN THE MORNING! I tried rocking myself to sleep, wiping tears off my face trying to figure out what to do with my life. In-case you don’t know already Empire just finished and I lack words, I am currently dead and on the way to the mortuary.

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The way that show is set up, I never know what to expect to be honest. The first episodes had me confused, I really wasn’t hooked from day one but God Lord! However when Taraji walked out of those prison gates with that fur wrapped all around her I was like YAAAAAS! That’s how you walk out of prison after 17 years #givinglife #cookiecouture

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The casting for that show, gives me a bit of pressure in my heart, such great TALENT! The writers of the show however are the real people who move me, they live in an alternate universe. Is that shit even for real guys? When Cookie beats the crap out of Hakeem with a broom stick, bitch please. I do not condone violence but the brother should have handled his business, hold cookie down till she gets back to her senses. Actually for such a built man why does he always get beaten up? The gay guy, the ex convict mother and the ALS stricken father, all left a mark on this boys poor face. GIRL BYE! He should stop bench pressing and just  go to make up school because he does a great job at covering up his black eyes.(His scars are always gone by the next scene, so over it)


Then lets just chat about how celebrities just pop up out of nowhere? As in?Rita or at the end of the show with her 15 second appearance, what was that about? The Jennifer Hudson and her infamous “PRAY WITH ME” line sure gave up Jesus real quick with that performance at the end. “Twerking for a Birkin” I guess. Boop!

The one thing that drew my heart was the music, such wonderful music that just gave me life! From What is love? To drip drop drip drippidy drop!  When he performed Ain’t nothing but a number , I was like WETIN BE DIS OH! Lol He just came out of nowhere and tells his parents that he is in love with this cucu(granny booboo child) and I quote “the older the berry the sweeter the juice” Lucious poker face , as he gave Yoko Ono her one way ticket to London. She did not see that coming.

I think we can all agree that when Jamal came out at the white party, we were all left distraught. That closet wasn’t big enough for him, Narnia is still looking for their queen, and he ain’t coming back! The look on his daddys face, CHILD! He did not see that coming. Death my friends i was dead “up down up down up down” That was his mouth, confused out of his mind. Speaking of Jamal and his gangster life ,he literally walked into a gun fight with a make up brush.


I love him but what? He walks into a rap battle ( whoever that artist was black smog or whatever he was) he is the worst rapper in the world! Lets just be real that was the most unrealistic shit in the world, HE SANG! A HYMN! GOSPO MUSIC!!!! (gospel)  Thats thats ish that will get you killed lol


Now guys, cookie and booboo kitty! WHO IS THE BIGGEST SLUTTY MC SLUTSKIN IN THE WORLD! Sleeping with Hakem ummmm she deserved that beating from Cookie! #SLAPABITCH .Anika will never be thirsty again in her life! MAJI YA UZIMA!(water that gives you life).

Ok enough of this! I am now here wondering what to do with myself till September when season 2 comes out. With how the show ended my goodness I have no idea what to do till them. Maybe I will take up gardening, dig myself a grave for the next time that show needs to SLAY ME AND TAKE AWAY MY LIFE!

What did you guys think of that madness , 12 episodes ,480 minutes of your life. What are we watching next and can we organize a veiwing party because I can’t watch the season 2 premier on my own.






  • Alexis Sheila

    This is good Jayson

    • Thank you for reading bunny ,glad you liked it 🙂

  • Kesh Gitari

    #NewFavoriteBlogger. I should’ve guessed you’recool peeps from you being besties with that goddess Joy. Well done Jason. lols

    • Oh yay!!!! Thank you Kesh much appreciated, karibu nyumbani 🙂