Safaricom Jazz at 5-We can bring snacks lol


So in case you guys didn’t know, we have two more days before we enjoy the hugest Jazz festival in East Africa. What I love most about this is that we get to plan with my squad and go listen to some amazing music, eat amazing food, soak in a lot of culture.

So let’s talk picnic, I have a full proof plan that you guys will absolutely love guys. Anyone want to come hang out with me and my guys? I would love to eat and chill with you guys. It always gives me so much life when I meet you guys just because I feel like someone other than my mother is reading my content lol. Also you guys are the absolute best!
Let’s get this ball rolling.

jaytakeapic-safaricom jazz

You need to strategize with your team. You guys need to plan who will be bringing what, you don’t want to be in a situation where you all have chicken and no starch or salad. Whats the plan there? If you are coming with kids then you need one person to have supplies that will be there for any eventuality. Granted that kids under the age of 12 will be allowed in for free, you should be ready with snacks that will keep them busy during their trips to the bouncing castle. Easy snacks like crisps, delicious cucumber sandwiches for such hot day.

With dope apps like Evernote and Google docs you can be able to create a list that you can use for the day. Where you set out who will be bringing what to the event, in terms of tooth pics, serviettes, paper plates and the works. You have to have a proper plan so you don’t have t get there and get stranded. The event being at Carnivore you don’t want to have to leave and go to the malls around to have to buy something as small as hand wipes. Get it together. Plan for the food in terms of who will bring the meaty snacks, who’s making the salad , who will bring the starch.

Get your cooler boxes and you picnic baskets out, if you have your wine and drinks make sure they are tightly sealed. You won’t be able to enter with anything that’s already opened. So if you are planning to make yourself a sexy sangria carry all the ingredients and come let’s make it together. I’ll bring the oranges lol. You guys bring the wine. So when it comes to the proper packing of your picnic basket. You need to have a checklist to help you ensue you don’t forget anything. Use mason jars to package your food as they make everything easier to eat out of. Make kebabs and sandwiches, my girl M makes the best avocado toast that has seen us through festivals and road trips that don’t leave a mess at all. Make sure you carry a garbage bag, don’t liter it’s rude! lol

GET DOWN WITH THE GET DOWN. The party starts at 12 pm Let’s get there on time and set our picnic blankets, get the perfect spot to see these amazing bands that will be coming. If you don’t like driving a long the highway you can either call a taxi little or there will be buses leaving town every other hour from midday at KICC. You don’t have to stress yourself too much on the day.All you should worry about is staying hydrated and keep on dancing. Come dressed light because that music will be heavy.

So come through my loves. I know it’s going to be a really really good time. Come through lets dance together. Carry gumboots lol you know I got mine ready.

Love you guys so much.